The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare

Let start with my opinion on it and how I see it.
IT GREAT. IT Awesome. Everybody will get affordable health insurance.
People with or without money can get insurance. Good thing right. Wrong

If you have a source of income you will purchase a health care plan and pay a premium.
If you have no income you will also get a health care plan thru the government welfare system.
It sounds good but comes with a high cost to the working class.
The working class can expect to pay more in higher premium and taxes (Medicare + Medicaid tax will likely increase) to cover the non-working class.
This might also happen.
You save up enough money to stop working.
Good for you.
You quit your Job.
You now have no income source.
Now that you have no income you go on the welfare program and get your insurance for free.
I tell my neighbor my health care is free (no premium no income).
He quits his job and join me.
Nobody works. Nobody has income.

If this continues and nobody work because insurance is free.

The next move is for the government to tax your asset. Your  house ,car, clothes anything you have..
The stuff you work so hard to save up for will be gone to pay for people who didn't contribute to society.
The more I think about this plan and what's in it. Make me wonder if Obama, his administration and the democrat (who praise this plan) are terrorist.
Has a terrorist infiltrated the white house?
Terrorist plans are to destroy America. Make everybody live in poverty.
They want to see the United States become a third world nation and have the United States lose superpower status.

When you start thinking about what Obama and his administration is doing,
The IRS scandal, Benghazi and how long it took for him to produce a birth certificate.

You start to wonder?

I heard he pushing immigration amnesty. Now if that goes thru it would put more people on the health care plan.
Is he really trying to bring America down?
Even the minimum wage push to $10.10 will hurt jobs.
I do wonder.
Obama keeps saying if anyone has a better health care plan, then let’s hear it.
I sent my plan to to most senators and representative and have yet to hear a response.
I want to know why my plan is not better?
My health care plan will give basic health care to all American born citizens and green card immigrants.
(Illegal in my opinion should be deported and we should not support them).

My plan will help personal security, credit card fraud, identity theft, crime prevention, consumer goods protection and promote people to take care of thyself.

The affordable care act is not affordable.
It is a form of extortion.
Think about you must buy a health care plan or play a penalty.
Sound like the Mafia to me.
I own a store I must pay some to protect my store (body) or they will destroy my store (blow me up)

It does solve the problem of the poor getting health care but it also causes the working class to pay for someone who doesn't contribute to society.
I want to be a bum who sits around all day, let my neighbor pay.
Hey Obama, can I move next door to you and you pay all my bills.

I am so grateful.
I won’t help you when you need it because I have no money and because I sit around all day and watch TV I be too weak and fat to do any physical labor.

We must understand that a hospital and insurance is a business.

A business job is to make money.
If they don’t make money, then why be in the business.

The insurance business model is fine.
You pay some business to take care of you if something goes bad.
You have everything paid for after you pay a deductible.
A prepaid plan.
Nothing wrong there.

Here's the scam.
The 80/20 copays.
You pay 20% your insurance pays the rest.

Take your last blood test. Look how much you paid out-of-pocket.
Now go to a site like or other lab test sites.
Compare what you had done to what they can give you for the same price.
You notice you could have gotten way more done for the same price.

Why can’t insurance and hospitals make the plan that works like dental insurance.
You pay x amount a month
If you use the service, the insurance company will pay for it all or deep discount the price over the retail (hospital) price.
No copays, no extra fees
Eliminate the 80/20
I read some place that certain hospital may cost 7 times more than the other.
The hospital should have display prices or fixed prices.
So you can shop around.

I know in an emergency you don’t have time to shop.
But shouldn't a hospital insurance plan take care of that.

The first thing we have to do is fix the damage that Obamacare created.
The destruction of jobs.

Make it a law that business cannot supply health insurance.
This would remove the health tax deduction, business tax.
Business still get a deduction as they pay a portion of your Medicare and Medicaid.

If you remove the health care deduction.
It would put more money in the business hands.
Business would end up making more money. (Profits)
We as government get this money back in the form of taxes.
Now what if they take the money and use it to add employees.
They get a tax deduction for the employee.
The government gets an employee who has to pay income tax.

I call this a win for the tax system.

What will also happen.
Health insurers will lose its current pool of healthy people.
They would have to come up with a plan to build the pool fast by offering a low-cost plan
otherwise they won’t make money.

None of this helps those who can’t get or afford any health care (the poor) or help people get healthy.
This plan will.
So here is the plan.
Free basic health care for all United States born individual and green card immigrant regardless of age.
Every individual will get a health insurance card.
Every individual will be able to track their health.

I can’t trust the government to implement a good program.
So here how I would set it up.

We start with the state and your birth certificate.
The state you were born in will give you an ID number based on the place (hospital), city and date you were born.
Kind of like your driver license
This ID number will be your username to your STATE health database (the state you were born in) that you can use to see your health record and birth certificate.
Once your id is set, you will go to your local municipal with proof of identification, get your picture taken and your HANDS SCAN.

This will go into that database.
The government will now send you a picture ID card with a bar scanner like a credit card
so you can get a free blood test every 3 months at any lab of your choice.
The free test includes
Lipids: This is a group of simple blood tests that reveal important information about the types, amount and distribution of the various types of fats (lipids) in the bloodstream.
Complete Blood Count (CBC's)  a series of test that includes
Cholesterol, HDL (good) Cholesterol, LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Risk Ratio (good to total), and Triglycerides.
Fluids and Electrolytes:  Chloride, Potassium, Sodium, and Carbon Dioxide.
Thyroid w/TSH: Includes T-3 Uptake, Total T4, (Free thyroxine index) T7, and TSH.
Liver: Includes Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Alanine Transaminase (ALT or SGPT), Aspartate Transaminase (AST or SGOT),
       Bilirubin, Protein, LDH, Globulin, Albumin/Globulin Ratio, and GGT.
Kidney: Includes Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, BUN/Creatinine Ratio, EGFR, and Uric Acid.
Glucose (Diabetes)
Mineral and Bone: Total Iron, Calcium, and Phosphorus
Vitamin test A B C D E K
A heart recording.  Do you believe your doctor can hear a difference in your heartbeat between checkup?
And a DNA test

free hearing test (once a year) it's usually free at a hearing center, but the government can pay $50.00 per visit
free eye exam (once a year) $50 eye exam at Walmart

If you want more tests the lab company can add it and you pay for it out of pocket.

Obamacare stated that you can keep your own doctor and failed. I support keep your own doctor, but I don’t support the government paying for it.
I don't know what it is but I believe the average doctor visit is $100.00
The government is paying for the basic test.
You or insurance can pay for the visit.

If you think about what doctors does.
They take a blood test and then decide what Med to give you.
If the test is fine. Do you need to see a doctor?

Aren't most doctor patients on Medicaid or Medicare and over the age of 65.
Don't they get these tests quarterly? I am just extending it to all to create a study of causes.

All this data will be uploaded to the state you were born in health database.
The Doctor will be required to take all patent's records, scan and upload to the database or turn them over to the government to input to the database.

This program will create more jobs in health care and health care equipment + supplies.
Think about it someone has taken your blood and run the test and enter it into your state health database.

Now we have all this data on every person in America What can we do with it?
What can we find out?
Does a person who works outside have too much vitamin d in their blood?
If a person working in a certain industry do they need more or less of certain vitamin?
What about food poisoning and the mixing of certain drugs with the foods or supplement you eat?
Tracking of prescription drugs and it side effect. You hear about the negative side of it all the time.

What if you take a supplement or vitamins? Does it work or is it just a placebo?

The FDA job and other agency is to help and protect us from a problem with the food we eat.
Currently they don’t have enough information to track a problem or outbreak.
This plan can help them.
But it will only work if we track everything people buy.
Cell phone, etc.
The only way I know how to do it is give everything a UPC code. Even prescription drugs.
When you buy something your medical ID card will be scanned and recorded in your medical database.
Basically a full receipt of your purchase.
Ask yourself this if a person buys a certain brand of TV and everyone started going blind.
What is the cause?
This plan will identify it.

Most of our electronic come from overseas. Can certain devices be the negative cause of your health.

Your HEALTH and your Food Source.
Take a flower plant it in toxic soil. It will grow, but weaker.
Replant it in a good soil and the plant thrive.

Who's in charge of the soil? (FDA, USDA and other Agency)
They OK the food, the pesticide and other things in what we eat.
They have the power to kill us.
They do not watch the effect of it over time.
We need to track our food sources?

I have read about what the FDA did to almonds.
Almonds are a great source of certain vitamins when eaten raw.
Pasteurize it and the vitamins get weaken or goes away.
For years people been eating Raw almond now the FDA made it illegal to sell without pasteurization.
Is the FDA trying to kill or weaken Americans? Shouldn't we be allowed to eat, drink, smoke anything in raw form.

Millions of herbalist get shut down because they came up with a plant combination that can help your health.
If FDA finds out something may work for your health they go in and seize all their property and lock them up.
It should be the peoples' choice to use the raw plant in whatever way they want.

I want this to be the FDA job.
The Food or Drug manufacturer still must prove to the FDA that the item going in or on the body is not harmful.
The FDA job is only to report the hazard to your health and the effect it can cause.
The FDA can report on the manufacturing facility and the cleanliness.
They should not have the power to shut it down. They only need to warn you that the food item is bad.

Organic Food.
It is well-known that organic food is a lot healthier for you.
The government should subsidize warehouse container gardening + hydroponic.
They should help support our health with clean natural food.
Plants need to grow free from polluted air and free from pesticides.

Let's consider this.
Take a warehouse, remove the roof and replace it with glass.
This will let the sun in.
Plant the seeds in containers.

The plants will be protected from wind, drought  and even insects.
The plants will be organic. They won't see much toxic residue from air or gas-powered machines.

Now what if we build these warehouse all over the country in major cities.
We need someone to pick the crop and deliver to the local grocery store.
Can we say job creation?

Does being seasonal really matter if the warehouse is climate control?
Your local food chain really should do this. They should build warehouse control farms for produce.

There are so many varieties of tomatoes and we barely see a few.

Big items like corn and wheat (special note to Monsanto)
What if you built a swimming pool fill it with clean dirt?
Enclosed the structure, plant organic corn
control the environment, build an electric cutter that would cut and move the product to a bin when needed

After harvest the old soil would be now be depleted of the minerals needed to grow the plant.
Move the old dirt out for new dirt  before making the next batch of crops.

Don't you think your customers would rather have organic than non-organic.
Is there money to me be made here?
What about the cost savings?
How often do you water the fields?
A swimming pool will hold less water and will not evaporate or fall through to the center of the earth.
Because it's in a tightly controlled environment what about the cost of insecticides.
Can the building be designed to supply electricity? Wind and solar.
Do the math!

You know moving plants indoors will also aid in our carbon footprint.
Less use of gas powered equipment.

To help promote organic food production, the government can make it income tax free.

The Herbal Craze and the Detox
I believe in herbal cleansing and detoxing.
Herbal cleansing and detoxing can be good and bad for you.
Herbal cleansing can remove the toxins in your body.
Herbal cleansing can also increase the strength of the drugs you take.
This is why you need to be careful if you attempt to detox.

I did an herbal detox once. A five-day detox of the kidneys, liver and colon.
It did get rid of my high blood pressure and high cholesterol and glucose.
It does work.

What we need is more businesses to help people get healthy.
We have tan centers that not great for your health.
What about steam rooms? It is so beneficial to build one.
It gets the toxin out of your blood threw sweat.
It works the heart and blood. It's great for opening up the lung and may help you breathe easier.
I say another candidate for the income tax free program.
Hospitals which are supposed to help you get healthy should be turned into detox centers.
You should be able to move in there and go through a healthy regiment of organic foods and exercise.

A detox center doesn't have to be a hospital it can be a hotel or even a cruise ship.
But it must focus on detoxing your organs. Liver kidneys and colon.

I question hospitals and doctor’s treatments.
I've had friends who have gone to the hospital and had high glucose levels and what did the hospital do. They feed them sugar foods.
There is a study out there that says you want to heal yourself faster before an operation get a colonic.
Did your hospital do this last time you went in for an operation?
It seems like their job is to really keep you sick.
It's beneficial for them to collect the insurance money.

Treatments for high blood pressure and blood clots.
It is known that most diseases are from blockage. Remove the blockage and your body  will heal.
What do doctors do for high blood pressure? They give you a pill to block something.
That blockage will cause damage to other parts of your body.
This why I look at herbal cleansing.

Do you know that medical science says garlic can break down blood clots?
So why are people going in for bypass surgery on their legs.
Would rubbing garlic oil on the legs open up blood clots and eliminate the need for bypass leg surgery.

What about liver disease?
It is known that a liver can regenerate in six months.
Why are people waiting for liver transplants?
Are they still eating stuff non organic does this hurt the liver?
Should they be on a liquid diet only.
Are they removing toxins from the body or are they adding to it?

What about kidney disease?
Should they move to a liquid diet?

Did you know if your doctor knew of a cure they can’t prescribe it?
It's because the insurance company won't pay.
So you still have to do the old tried and true deadly method.

Another problem of the current health care plan is the cost of prescription drugs.
A supplement drug plan is one way to keep costs down.
What I would like to see happen all pharmacies have a publish price list available that will tell us the cost of the drug before we purchase.
This would create competition and stabilize prices.

Other benefits of my plan.
Your health database has your hand print, scan and your DNA
Pass it to law enforcement.
Would this help lower crime?
What about adding credit cards?
If you use it as a credit card with the picture id and hand scans will it lower credit card fraud.
Replacement of passport and driver licenses?
The new card will be issued free every 3 years.
Do you know how my cards I have in my wallet?

You would think the program will cost the government money.
It could actually be the opposite.
The above test is roughly $800 per person per quarter ($3200 a year)
There a report someplace that the average health insurance premium is over $6000 a year.
The people really don't get the care or information they really need to get healthy or stay healthy.
This plan will give you more bang for the buck and you can buy insurance to pick up the slack.

As I said previously this plan
would cause more people to be hired at labs across the nation.
It would raise labs profits. (Which we tax)
It can also lower the number of people needed for law enforcement (DNA test).
You can also charge credit card Company to pay a portion of it.
They lose a lot of money each year to credit card fraud.
Now think about this on a tax basis.
They lose less to credit card fraud. Their profit increases and we get more back from taxes.
And if all that fails, just raise the Medicare and Medicaid tax.

I was informed of a clause in the  Obamacare law that if an insurance company loses money in the first 3 years that the government (taxpayer) will bail them out.
Is that what we need?

Help me get the government to eliminate Obamacare and move to this plan.